Monday, February 15, 2010

Another Program From Paypal

New programs from PayPal. You want free dollars? please read first ...!!
After getting the results from PayPal Whistlist yesterday, there is also such programs, and after looking for facts, Bismillah course, hopefully like PayPal Whistlist
kept his promise.

There is nothing wrong if we try it? Why? because if this program was not a fraud, we may be disappointed. But if fraud, we will not be disappointed because we are not going to lose a bit of our money, right? Please try first. And we do not have to bother, because each referral that lists you will get a $ 20 value. Is not enough? ..

Ok following the steps you should run:
Open the link by clicking HERE


1. Enter a valid e-mail you> check Please read and agree to the terms and conditions before signing up.
2. Select the gift you want and click Signup
3. On the next screen please fill in the name of> email> address> password etc. and then click register.
4. Open your email account, click on the link-given and signed with your account and password reply has been made earlier.
5. Furthermore, please invite your friends as much as possible. Or can also enter a friend's email on the tab "Refer Your Friends" as much as 5 emails at once and use promo BENNER already provided in the Share> Banners To Promote Your Referral Link.
Another way is up to you, via email, blogs, chat etc, highlight include your reference links.


NOTE: Inviting friends to join in PRIZEGOD and get:

* Bring 1 friend for $ 20
* Invite 2 friends for $ 50
* Invite 4 friends for $ 100
* Invite 8 friends for $ 200
* Invite 12 friends for $ 300
* Invite 16 friends for $ 400
* Invite 32 friends for $ 800
* And many more .... just open the site here:


You are permitted to copy and edit this record to be forwarded as your promo, simply replace the existing link with your link itself.
Note; to know more clearly about this so PRIZEGOD more convincing then I tried to browse google with keyword (fraud) 'SCAM PRIZEGOD'. It turned out that the result was "Results 1 - 10 of about 35.700 search results for PRIZEGOD hack scam. (0:06 seconds)" and "PRIZEGOD NO SCAM!". More lack of trying to please my friend alone in other ways.

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