Friday, April 16, 2010

Make Money Online By Reading Articles

For those of you who love online business, now more and more dollar-producing programs available on the internet, from the paid to click, paid to read, paid to review, paid to sign up, affiliate programs, adsense, and others. now appeared again in a new program called Paid to read articles! where we paid just to read the article.
One of paid to read articles is Readbud, where each member will be paid between $ 0.1 to $ 0.10/article.
Readbud has a very interesting approach that really fascinating. They reward their members for spending their time and attention on reading articles they present to them based on the interests they choose. As of right now, I've been participating for just over a week and have earned a good $2.34 USD and I've only visited the website daily. I've done a seek for them on various forums and a few people stated they have been paid out via PayPal after reaching the threshold of $50, whilst many others stated they were very happy with the earning potential. It would seem that the more time you spend on the readbud website, the more articles they deliver to you, and the more you tend to earn.

This website even offers a notably rewarding affiliate program where you can earn $5 USD per each referral! From my hands-on experience, it's definately worth joining and participating!

You only need a few very easy steps to join readbud

1. Joined Readbud here
2. After registering check your email for confirmation
3. Login to your account
4. Then click on Interest (select your favorite category of reading)
5. To earn, clicks Articles
6. After the article is open (you can see the price of a given article) and then click Open articles
7. Then click "Rate this articles" to rate these articles (by clicking on the star image) your task is complete.
8. To view your earnings, click home it will show the amount of earnings you have collected.

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