Friday, July 9, 2010

Website Speed Test

If we have a blog or website, we must try to create as interesting as possible so that visitors can enjoy viewing our site. But being too eager in enhancing the site, sometimes we forget something important, namely the problem size and speed, how long will it take to open our site.
Although our site interesting but, if your site takes longer to open, visitors will be reluctant and stop viewing at our site. When they just start to open, but due to long loading process, they cancel their intention to open our site. We certainly have
found a site like that, then we are off to open the site because it takes a long time for the loading process.

There is a tool to measure how large and how fast a site for loading.
To use the tool below just enter the address you like to check. Then the result will be right out. Results shown are: Size, Load Time and Avarege Speed per KB.
Noteworthy is the Size, because the Load Time and Speed Average / Kb results will always change. Try a few times and grab - average rating. If your site is heavy, try to reduce the widgets and ads that are less qualified. Moreover, the speed of the Internet in several countries in Asia, for the time being included in the low category compared with countries in other continents.With this tool you can also compare with the site belonging to others.

Just check this out.
May be useful for you in creating a high performance site.

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