Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Best PTC Downline Builder

What is PTCREFs.com?
PTCREFs.com is a free PTC (paid to click) downline builder. With their program, they will help you to build your downline by getting referrals with a consolidated referral link method. You promote just 1 link instead of a link to every site you are a member of.
PTCREFs.com are welcome members to join from all over the world, and it's absolutely free for joining the program. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
You can enter your existing referral IDs into the database for the programs you already belong to. And any personal information that you provide to any of their businesses are privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone!
When you sign up for their free Paid To Click downline builder you will be give instant access to the program database. First you go through their program database and sign up for the sites that you want to be a member of or enter your user id for those that you already belong to. Once this is done your referral IDs will now be active for your downline. You will be given a referral link. It is your consolidated referral link to their site. When users join with that link they will see your referral IDs in their program database to all your programs. This way you only need to promote just one link. You will also get FREE, unlimited link flow-through. This continues throughout all tier levels, meaning that your referral ID will be traced through your own direct downline and your downline's downlines.
PTCREFs uses an automatic script designed to keep constant track of every click-through associated with your referral ID. Their system traces referrals forever, as long as your referral ID is still included in link. This means that even if one year from sign-up, someone clicks-through on one of your links, you will still receive credit.
You may use any legitimate legal form of advertising. Please do not SPAM or make false claims within advertisements.

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