Sunday, June 9, 2013

Earn Money With Neobux

Learn how to earn money by viewing short ads on Neobux.

Previously you have to remember that you have control over how many referrals you want to rent and you can stop renting at any time and just keep them and get results. You do not have to follow exactly this strategy, you can modify it and make a bigger profit. This is merely a guide to what you can do to earn money from Neobux. If you decide to invest a few dollars would be easier to reach your Membership Golden or Ultimate. But with a little patience you can succeed with Neobux.
The best way to earn money on NeoBux is the "referral". Whether it's direct or rented referrals referrals. The direct referrals are people join under your referral link (you will get a link after 30 days). The rented referrals are the ones who have not joined under someone or sold by others to NeoBux and then you can rent them for 30 days. Rented referrals will be charged at $ 0.20 / referral for 30 days. Usually they will be active, but there are also some that are not active. You have the option to recycle them and get a new referral for $ 0.07 (the remaining days of the referral will not change).

Your main goal is to make the Ultimate Membership and have 4199 rented referrals and direct referrals as you can. Remember patience is the most important here. NeoBux is not a way to get rich quick but more like a small business that grew over time.

First, you'll need an account on PayPal or Payza for deposits and withdrawals that you can get for free. Next you will need an account at NeoBux please sign up from here. NeoBux has a browser extension called AdAlert - that will make a short sound whenever there are new listings are available for you to click. You can find it at the bottom of the page when you login. From your account settings, you can select the type of sound that will be played. After each ad you see an ad you get 3 AdPrize, AdPrize not give money, but you have the chance to win from $ -50 $ 0.10 neopoints, or Golden Membership valued at $ 90, so be sure to click all AdPrize.

You can open a free account at neobux from here

When you reach $ 2 from clicking on ads, you can transfer them from your main balance to your rental balance. Do not make the mistake to rent 3 referrals when you reach $ 0.6 like most people, you will not have enough money to maintain them. Maybe it is time consuming, but with $ 2 you will have the money to recycle inactive referrals and extend their lease. You can decide which referrals should be recycled but I suggest you to recycle referrals who have not clicked in the last 4 days or have less than 1.5 AVG clicks.

Turn on AutoPay settings rental referral page. This way you will save 15% of the amount you need to pay to rent your referral. If your referral time drops below 20 days, Extend them for 30 days. This way you will always run autopay and save a lot of money. You can choose to extend them for longer periods and will get a bigger discount.

Continue to rent 3 referrals each time you have $ 2 in your account. You can start hiring in greater numbers of referrals when you have more money. Apply the rules for renting referrals 33% of the total number of your balance, this way you will have enough money to recycle inactive referrals and extend your time today. When you reach 300 rented referrals, stop renting and quite simply recycle and extend the referral that you have had.

When you reach $ 100 in principal balance you used to buy $ 90 Membership Golden. Rented referrals you will start giving you $ 0.01 instead of $ 0.005 per click. Start is to hire up to 1200 new referrals referrals. When you reach it, start is raising money to buy the Ultimate Membership. Continue to the new recycle inactive referrals who have not clicked in 4 days and referral to the AVG less than 0.9

When you have reached the Ultimate Membership, you will have a lot of benefits of such membership. Your referral can be recycled automatically when they are not active for 7 days (you do not pay a penny). You can still recycle your referrals but only at the price of $ 0.04. You can rent 300 referrals every 4 days. You get 15 days worth of ads keep each $ 0.02 each. Also the renewal price reduced by 3 cents. And others ...

Continue to rent referrals until you have a rental referral 4000-4199. The sooner you reach this number the better it will be your income from Neobux. At this time you simply need to recycle referrals who have more than 14 days you rent, but it has not clicked in 0-4 days and have AVG is less than 0.7. You can also use recycled auto if you like it. Extend your lease term referral in a higher number of days for example 150 or 240 days to get a bigger discount. And start collecting your benefits lah ..

You can open a free account at neobux from here


Download AdAlert very important to get every ad available.

After each ad you see / click you get 3 AdPrize ad, they click as well for a chance to win from $ 0.25 $ -50, or NeoPoints Golden Membership.

After 15 days and 100 clicks an ad, you can use your direct referral link to get direct referrals. You do not have to pay anything for them and the money you make from them is pure profit.

You can only have one account on Neobux. Do not try to create multiple accounts - your account will be blocked. Do not try to cheat the other way.

Neobux has a great forum where there are a lot of people and you can ask any questions you may have.

It may look boring to you and that it will take a lot of time but in fact you will only need 10 minutes of your time per day.

Be patient and you will get great benefits with Neobux.

NeoBux Lingo

NeoPoints - you get 1 Neopoint paid for each ad you see.

You can renew / recycle referral rent you with NeoPoints or you can exchange 30,000 NeoPoints to Golden Membership for 1 year.

NeoCoins - you can swap them with $ directly into your main balance. You can earn by completing NeoCoins offer or from your direct referrals who completed the bid / offer. You will get 30 points a day after you complete an offer (for security reasons).


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