Monday, March 8, 2010

6 Easy Steps Create E-Mail Account on Yahoo!

We have been very prevalent facebook and become a part of our lifestyle in socializing. To create a facebook account, we are required to have an e-mail or electronic mail account. Many service providers e-mail account that does not require such payments or free such as yahoo mail and google mail. Maybe there among you who do not understand how to make your e-mail account or you are a beginner in the Internet world, I write the following simple way to make your e-mail at yahoo mail.

1. Go To, or type it on your browser address bar.
2. Click Yahoo! Mail

3. Click Sign Up
4. Fill All the Empty Field Required

5. After all fields filled, click "Check Box" then click "Create My Account"

6. That's you have your own e-mail account on yahoo mail.

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