Monday, March 8, 2010

How to Reset Your Blinking Printers

A. Introduction
In the Canon, Epson, HP inkjet all type of printers, number of prints will always be accumulated to a certain extent. And when it reaches the limit set, will be overloaded with the indicated LED lights alternately or called BLINKING. If this happens, the printer must be in repair. This will not be a problem if our home is close to where the repairs, but how if we were in different town or even in different island. The solution is we have to rehabilitate itself with the condition we must have the software RESETTER and tricks how to reset it.

B. Problems
These problems may indeed have been a lot going on and has become a public secret that the printer is limited use of age, usually by calculating the number of printouts. The calculation is recorded and arranged in a chip called EEPROM contained in the printer main board. This is done by the vendor with the reason for maintaining excess capacity outside ink bottle (usually for a printer models are now using similar materials from the special foam on the bottom of the printer) so that the ink does not spill out of the printer or can even cause short-circuit (shorted) of the components inside the printer. But the problem now is whether the effective way is the fact that the warning tub full of ink is not in accordance with the fact that the ink bottle had indeed been really full? or why not programmed to display a warning that if the printout has reached a certain number, but consumers can still use the printer with the risk borne by them alone after notified that any possible risks they would face if the printer should be forced to continue to process printing? Or maybe the best way (which is probably impossible) is to design a printer with a part that can be opened / closed to remove and clean the reservoirs of ink so that consumers can clean / remove the ink itself?

Beyond question and the problems mentioned above, there are many factors and reasons that might come up to the surface. From the producers, consumers and the shops / printer repair place that might be overlapping in terms of interest.
How best ways for consumers to do now? It becomes important things to think about. Some sites have offered a way to overcome this. Ranging from manual way to offer software to reset the re-chip EEPROM to be Zero again.

C. Printer reset
One thing you should know is the cost to reset the printer quite expensive and if you know how easy it is to reset the printer of course you will ask why the cost is very expensive, and software used to reset a free software that can be downloaded from the Internet without the cost (except in the internet cafe of course you have to pay)

How to manuals
1.       Unplug the printer power cable (the cable connecting the printer to the electric)
2.       Press the "Power On" and bear no direct removable power cable plug the printer back
3.       After the cable is installed, the "Power On" is still not released (depressed) and press the Resume button 2 times
4.       Remove all (Power and Resume buttons).
5.       You can use your printer now.

The weakness of this manual is to be revoked if the power cable / off or off electricity, then you must repeat the above procedure to be able to use your printer again. To overcome this, the solution is to use the software reset in accordance with the type of printer to be in Reset

To reset the printer permanently is to use the Software Resetter, and software reset should have been installed on the computer.  So, how to reset it by using the computer as a tool to lead the reset program?
Before you reset the printer, the absorber / foam should be replace first, or to save money can also be used by cleaning the absorber / foam at the bottom of the printer, by opening the printer. Then, can I do the cleaning inkwell manually? How? The answer, it could be ... but the things you need to consider is: you try to dip the cotton / cloth into the ink. Then what happens when you try to clean with water? The water will become very dirty, so it is with your hands. Very difficult to clean cloth / cotton ink. Moreover especially cotton, after exposure to water will be difficult to return to its original form. So it is with the foam on the printer ink reservoir. If you try to clean it up, but very inconvenient also to some extent will affect the absorption foam (the foam initially because it is a material that has a high absorption). But even so, the foam that has been in the wash still can be used in a way after the washing and drying, drying by foam in the heat. After the dry foam state ready to be paired on the printer as before. The next step is ready for the printer on reset using Reset Software in accordance with the printer to be reset.

Go to  "Free Downloads" page for the software resetter

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